Situated at the northern tip of Africa, just a short 20 miles ferry ride from Spain, Tangier welcomes travelers with its exotic vibrant atmosphere and rich history. This fascinating city, overwhelming at times yet wonderfully authentic, colorful, and pulsing with life is a popular spot on many Mediterranean cruise itineraries.  In its days, city’s gilded age of International Zone, Tangier became the place to be for artists, Beat poets, and writers alike.


Tangier’s Medina, or Old City, is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and a delightful mix of Moorish, Andalusian, and European colonial architecture. Strolling through narrow streets of Medina is an experience on its own. Relax with a cup of mint tea or a coffee and do what people have been doing for generations: people watch. Perfect place for it is Café Tingis in the Petit Socco.

Looming over the Old City is the Kasbah, an ancient fortification that once was part of the city’s defenses. Here you will discover whole array of amusements awaiting tourists: snake charmers, shop vendors, dance troupes etc. The view of the ocean from here is spectacular.  On Place de la Kasbah you will find a former sultan’s palace that now houses a small museum.

Looking for place to relax and hang out consider rooftop terrace at Café Baba in the Kasbah , Grand Café de Paris off of Place de France or perhaps Café Hafa with its lovely views of the Mediterranean Sea.

We found Tangier to be a perfect addition to our Costa del Sol tour. Its proximity to Spain makes it a perfect day trip. It is certainly a place to experience so close to Europe yet so different and exotic.


High Speed ferries leave every two hours from Spain’s windsurfing capital, Tarifa to Tangier and takes only 35 min. FRS offers good service on this route.

TIP: be aware of so called ‘local guides’  who may follow you even though you say no, giving you tidbits of information you did not ask for and then demand money afterwards or overly persistent sellers.